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2017-03-27 14:55

Company News

When we left for Las Vegas to attend the Consumer Electronics Show in Jan 2017, we got a pleasant surprise, we met the former NBA player Shaquille O'Neal.


Streams of people were busily coming and going during the show, shuttling back and forth across the booth. A tall burly figure appeared suddenly, standing out in the crowd. Though the man wore the dark glasses, extraordinary height and shape, familiar face, a large retinue coming along, all of this made him recognized by everybody present right away,My first reaction was to pick up the phone and take a photo from a distance.


Such experience is really rare, meeting someone famous in real life. How could I not ask for autograph? How could I not ask group photo with him? However, there was a large retinue around him, I couldn’t even go near him. I just stood there and let him pass by.


Good luck favored me at that time, to my surprise, O'Neal came up to our booth. I used my brain to think about how to have interaction with him. O'Neal came forward directly, and I noticed that his eyes were chasing something.


O'Neal stopped and started to talk to me, pointing at our beads. I saw it is the beads that caught his eyes. Indeed, the beads is one of our most unique products, which made of rare and precious wood, processed with ancient techniques. The simple and elegant appearance, extensive and profound Zen culture, rich oriental style, the modern technology inside endows the product new vitality. So it can stand out among variety products, attracting this well-informed star.


It was obvious that O'Neal really like the beads, he kept holding the beads and looked at it and turned it about in his hand, simply couldn't part with it. He asked me a lot of related questions, from material to function. I answered fluently, introducing the beads in exhaustive detail. O'Neal offered immediately if he can buy a piece of it. But the beads we carried with was just for display. So I proposed that we post the beads to him after we return China.(


We had a pleasant conversation, I took the opportunity to ask O'Neal for a signature, on my notebook aside.


O'Neal agreed quickly and wrote down his name on my notebook.

And he agreed to have a group photo with me. It can’t be better!


When the show closed, we return China and made a piece of beads specifically for O'Neal, one of the beads has been laser carved O'Neal’s signature. We posted it across the other side of the ocean to O'Neal, as we promised to him.